May 25, 2011

Being emotional .... arrrgggg !!

Hye2 Dear

I am So tired Lately !

Really2 feel Bad !

The bridge is collapsing,
im lossing my grip,
I can't hold on anymore,
I'm just getting sick,

Sick of your face,
Sick of your voice,
Sick of all these people who think they know,
No one can really understand,
I'm so sick,
Im sick of you,

I try not to look at your face,
it's haunting me,
I'm Sick of the ways,
The ways things were ment to be,
Sick of holding all the feelings inside,
I'm so sick of being happy for people,
When they don't even care,
Im just sick of you,

And one day,
Your going to need me,
just like i needed you,
But im going to ditch you,
Just like you ditched me,
Im so sick,
so sick of you, 

by Erica Buenrostro

Okey bai ~


suha said...

sila rehat dgn secukupnye ye syg,then baru hilang stress tu(^_^)

u.m.i.e said...

hehehe okey tehnkiu dear :)