Nov 13, 2010

where my line ~~

hye my dearest frenz ~~
~good morning ~
feel sad rite now lor !!
uhuk3... :(

why my maxis no don't have any signal network ha ?
huhu ~~
did ai make something wrong ~~
i guess no ~~
yeah no !
muktamad xde ! lalalalala

almost 2 days my maxis num not working ~~
so sad !
dis num very very very important to me !
plish3 working back my dear sim card !

hmm ai already col the operator ~~
always always ai will forgot the persons name~~
ouhh not so important to me to remember ur name lah ! 
sowey yea yea yea ~~~ :((

she said maybe ai should change my sim card to the new one !
but still same num ~~
the problem now ...
where n when ai should go to the maxis center in KEDAH ! 
ai dun know !
mybe ai also actually lazy too ~~ hehehehe
padan muka kaw ! sape suh malas lagi !
tgg la lama lagi nk blik epoh 2 ~~:((

hhmmm what i just do rite now ~~
just 'berdoa' to ALLAH SWT for better solutions...
hope one miracle will have rite now ! :)
hope so .....

ok bai ~

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