Oct 17, 2009

myspace + facebook !

mane sa2 yg lebih ok ?

i think both had their own advantages..
both website can make a lot of frenz ..
we can find there rite ? hehe ((:

adoyai nk speaking la plakk ..ngee~~

actually the most i like to search a myspace ..
i already be a member 4 a long time ..huhu ((:
urm since 2006 ... (lama kn ?)
when i bored or want to release tension i will online n chat wif the members there ..
my MS is the most site i LOVE !

about facebook, actually i just make it only about 1 month ago ..
(sje mentry yg bru) huhu (*-*)
its not bad la .. i also enjoy this site ...

urm i just wnt to share about both lor nothing special ... hehehe ;)
want to add me ?
c at my profile lor , i had wrote there ..

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